AKRacing – Masters Series Max Gaming Chair – Red


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Max is the “monster” of the Masters Series and the perfect example of AKRacing’s one size does NOT fit all philosophy. Crafted for big & tall, this chair combines AKRacing’s best-selling looks with XL parts. It features an extra wide frame and a wide flat seat for comfort. An upgraded mechanism and gaslift with true 400 lb. weight rating add to both, performance and reliability. Max also boasts AKRacing’s renowned automotive grade polyurethane leather upholstery, all-metal frame, 100% cold-cure foam padding and user-adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows for ergonomic seating. All of that functionality sits atop a high tensile strength aluminum base and large casters.


Manufacturer recommended comfort range

Max Height: 5’6″ – 6’6″; Weight: 170-390 lbs; BMI: Not to exceed 45

Extra large size steel frame

Hand-welded and heavy duty, this wide frame is built for strength and comfort.

Wide and flat seat

The wide and flat seat is designed for extra room for larger body types or anyone who needs more space to relax.

High-density cold-cured foam filling

Cold cured foam provides superior support and keeps it shape for years.

Extra strong high tensile aluminum base

AKRacing custom-made advanced high tensile aluminum base boasts 20 times the strength of a standard steel base.

Custom heavy duty gas-lift system

Weight-capacity-tested up to 400 lbs, it enables easy height adjustment of the seat for optimal ergonomic support and back stress prevention.

Adjustable backrest with 180° recline

Easily select and fix a convenient position up to a full 180° recline for play sessions or work.

Adjustable head and lumbar support cushions

Included enhanced XL pillows maximize comfort during work or play sessions.

4D adjustable armrests

Move in 4 directions (up & down, back & forth, in & out and slide to the sides) to allow you to find a comfortable hand and arm position.

Premium quality automotive-grade polyurethane leather upholstery

The chair features premium quality automotive grade PU leather upholstery and comes in 5 bold color options: solid black, deep blue, indigo, bright white, and red to match any set up.

Adjustable rocking with tilt angle lock function

Adjust the chair to your desired comfortable position with the “Rock & Lock” feature, allowing you to lock the seat at an angle. Or simply rock it. Or lock it completely.

Assembly required

Save time by adding a Furniture Assembly service to your order, and a Geek Squad® installer will come to your home and assemble it for you.